History of The Rolls of Monmouth

The Hendre House, originally a hunting lodge (or ‘box’ as it was called) dates back over three hundred years. It was in the ownership of the Rolls family from 1767 until 1987.

The Rolls family enlarged the old house in several stages over the following decades using three famous architects, starting with George Vaughan Maddox who rebuilt parts of the south wing in 1830.

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He was followed by Thomas Henry Wyatt who continued the enlargement of the south wing both to the east and to the west during the period 1837 and 1858. In 1872 he pulled down the old stables and built the present Coach House and loose boxes which for that period were very modern and forward looking. Also at this time the centre of the present house, being the Billiard Room, Smoking Room and Dining Room, were added.

The third architect was Aston Webb, well known for his work on Buckingham Palace, who added the great cedar Library wing in 1896.

Many famous people were entertained here during this latter period including the Duke and Duchess of York who later became King George V and Queen Mary.

In 1910, the most famous son of the Rolls family, Charles Stewart Rolls was killed in a flying accident.

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